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Looking to add the luxurious touch to your home interior? Wallpapers are the great way to brighten up a room. Whether it’s setting up the new place or sprucing up an existing one or even redoing the home interior just to add the new touch, wallpapers add a sense of fun, style and flair to any home. Hanging wallpapers is an easy process, you can do it yourself or take the professional experts help.

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Small rooms have design constrains and challenges, one should choose the wallpapers with complete care and caution. According to HomeLane inhouse design experts avoid dark colours wallpapers with small prints, this colour scheme make your space much gloomy and claustrophobic. While the large sparse pattern create an illusion of large space.

Tackling a large project requires a lot of help and that’s where we come in! In this guide, we’ll lay out some tips and tricks for designing your living room!

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Paper or paper with a vinyl film is often the material used as wallpaper for the home. It is easy to put up, clean and even removable. This paper also hides wall imperfections. Care must be taken while putting them up though, as they can tear easily.

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Embossed wallpaper is another great option, where texturing allows for hiding scratches and imperfections on the wall. Fabric wallpaper, bamboo and other kinds of materials have their limitations in sticking on the wall, as well as maintenance.

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